Conformal Coating and Potting

For projects that require coating, our automated conformal coating robot, spray booth, and drying equipment provide a wide range of conformal coating applications for both high and low volume projects. Our programmable robots dispense coating from multiple heads for precise application without time-consuming masking.  Brush, spray, and dip coating are also used in applications where the spray booth is not practical.  Potting is also available for products requiring encapsulation. As with all of our services, our team invests in the success of your project bringing both trustworthiness and ownership to the quality of each application.



  • PVA Model 550
  • PVA Delta 6 with automatic board loader and conveyor
  • Standard Coating Humiseal 1B73 acrylic (other materials available upon request)
  • Glenmark Systems Portionator AM100 automated potting dispenser.
Conformal Coating and Potting Testimonials
  • They do their due diligence and homework up front. They provide excellent engineering resources and support that many companies do not provide.
  • It’s like working with someone in our own company.
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