engineering-supportEngineering Support for New or Existing Designs

Our team of degreed engineers are here for the sole purpose of supporting customers.  We don’t charge to review new customer designs or help resolve minor customer technical problems because we believe that’s part of our job in serving our customers. We can provide a quote for more complex solutions such as product design or test platform development.



We can review your existing PCB design to see if any changes might enhance performance, reduce costs and improve manufacturability. With combined expertise in design and production, we understand the relationship between good design and successful manufacturing. We are also expert with component engineering to support obsolescence management, availability/long lead-time issues or cost reduction goals. We can provide comprehensive test engineering support to include test fixture architecture design, assembly and maintenance.


Engineering Services

  • A turnkey product development solution from concept through full production
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)/Design for testability (DFT) analyses
  • Test fixtures 
    •      Architecture
    •      Design
    •      Assembly
    •      Maintenance
  • Component engineering to address obsolescence mitigation, availability or cost reduction goals
  • Conversion of legacy designs to Altium


Product Design

Our team works closely with customers looking for a total design solution. We specialize in new product introduction from specification phase through production including design, PCB layout, prototypes and test set design. We are proud to be a 20-year member of the Microchip Design Partner Program. Our expertise includes:

  • System Architecture and Design
  • PCB Design and Layout: Altium, PADS, and Eagle.
  • Embedded Microcontroller Systems 
    •     Hardware and firmware design
    •     Microchip, TI, ST, Atmel
  • Circuit Design 
    •     Analog: instrumentation and control, measurement, oscillators, communication circuits, filters, sensors, LED lighting
    •     Digital: discrete logic, CPLD, FPGA, microcontrollers, communication interfaces, SOM, SOC
  • Power Electronics
    •     Linear power supplies
    •     Switching power supplies
    •     Battery interfaces
    •     Motor controls
    •     Power integrity analysis
  • Wired Communications:  
    •     USB
    •     CANbus
    •     UART (RS-232 / 485 / Modbus / etc)
    •     SPI
    •     I2C
    •     Ethernet 
  • Wireless Communications 
    •     Cellular
    •     Bluetooth
    •     BTLE
    •     Xbee / Zigbee
    •     WiFi
    •     LoRa
    •     RFID
    •     GPS 
  • IoT
  • LED Lighting
  • User Interfaces and Displays
  • Robotics
    •     Lattice
    •     Xilinx
    •     Altera
  • DSP
  • Software Development
    •     Python
    •     C, C++, C#
    •     Linux
    •     Node.js, React
    •     .NET Core
    •     Qt
  • Electromechanical Design
  • Simulation
    •     LTSpice,
    •     Matlab/Octave
    •     Multisim
  • Mechanical Design 
    •     Fusion 360
    •     Autocad
    •     Freecad
    •     Solid Edge
  • Panel/Enclosure Graphics/Packaging Design 
    •     Adobe Illustrator
    •     Photoshop
    •     After Effects
    •     Premier Pro
    •     Dimension
  • Computer Vision 
    •     OpenCV
  • Design for Test
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Support for Agency Approvals: CE, FCC, EMI, EMC
What Our Customers Are Saying
  • They do their due diligence and homework up front. They provide excellent engineering resources and support that many companies do not provide.
  • “All the components were placed properly, fully tested by EDM. It’s one of the items we don’t really have to think about too much."
  • They poured everything they had into it and delivered us product way short of the required lead time.
  • If EDM says a product will be here on a certain day, it will be here on that day or earlier. Never later.
  • I love that they can give me an up-to-date and accurate print out and review of all of our open orders.
  • They are methodical with knowing what they’re getting into and when they go into production they make sure it’s set up right.
  • It’s one of the vendors I don’t have issues working with.
  • They have the ability to produce test fixtures, so we don’t have to develop that for ourselves. Our other suppliers need us to do that for them which adds more time and cost to me.
  • They’re low impact on my team. I don’t need to spend a lot of time supporting the manufacturing.
  • We appreciate EDM’s honesty upfront that tells us that yes or no we can make this happen.
  • They’re good with sourcing hard to find items that we have struggled with in the past.
  • It’s like working with someone in our own company.
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